Here are three products that we found helped us:

Yep.  Nothing magical or different.  Just some hard work that we consistently did to get better.  Of all items on this page we recommend this one the most highly.  It is the cheapest solution.  It can be implemented right away.  And we find natural cures the best.  This product includes 10 exercises, video demonstrations of each exercise and a sample schedule for implementation.
For $3.99, it's a great deal.

Wrist splint
Especially at night, having something to keep your wrist in the proper position helps.  You fix yourself as you sleep.
At $29.99, it's worth the potential fix.


Magnetic therapy
During the day a splint may not be something that you want to wear.  But, you can still look for relief with alternative treatments - using pure (99% pure) copper and magnetic bands (providing 1200 gauss) to draw healing to the affected area.
$29.99 for a functional and stylish accessory.