What is carpal tunnel and how we can help:


My site isn’t ranked super-high compared to some of the medical sites.  So I am going to assume that you have already know what carpal tunnel is and why it happens.  But, if not, see a few of the following links.  My favorite is the page on eMedicineHealth that has a test you can do to see if you have carpal tunnel.




We are carpal tunnel sufferers who have dealt with the pain and suffering of this affliction and we believe much of it is attributable to our laptops.  And, because of the industries that we work in, just not working on PCs is not the answer.

So, we built this site to help.  The things that we do to minimize or eliminate pain:

  • Better ergonomics design – change how you work, best sites we found:
    • WebMD
    • Office ergonomics presentation
    • Use software – they will help guide you to take breaks, etc.
    • Workplace Angel, WorkRave (Windows)
    • AntiRSI and Timeout (Mac)
  • Exercise:
    • There are a number of websites that provide a variety of exercises for wrist relief that you can Google for free and we have bundled the best that we have found into a training regimen under the Products page
  • Supporting products – we liked some so much we brought them in-house
    • Wrist support
    • Magnetic bracelets
    • Exercises